Professional Services 

Using our in-house experts with support from our first-rate technology partners, we provide our customers the most reliable professional services at a very competitive cost with guaranteed satisfaction. We offer Training Services, Design and Consultancy Services, Repair, Calibration and Installation Services.

TRAINING SERVICES (On-site, Off-site, Online)


The unparalleled advantage of our on-site training is the location and cost. With training being held on the client's premises, clients are able to efficiently manage their schedules and will minimize the time spent commuting. With On-Site Training, clients are able to cut costs as they are only charged for the services of individual trainers who travel to your location. On-Site Training gives the trainees the advantage of working in familiar environment and able to accommodate large groups. 

OFF-SITE TRAINING at Training Facilities

Off-Site Training takes place at our dedicated training facilities, which come equipped with the most up-to-date resources in order to provide an efficient and effective training course. 

Off-Site Training is advantageous in that it offers an engaging and productive atmosphere for the trainees, which has been shown to increase participation and allows each individual to attain maximum value out of each session.

The facilities are constructed in a way that provides a large open work space, which offers the opportunity for collaboration. This gives the client the chance to assign separate departments or teams to the same training course so that they can work together. It also affords the client the option to work with other companies, delivering and environment that is ripe for networking and creating new partnerships. It goes a long way in enhancing the learning experience, as many times employees are able to share ideas with each other and gain new insight on how other companies approach similar topics.

 Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


 Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


OFF-SITE TRAINING at Manufacturer's Facility

Off-Site Training takes place at Manufacturer's Facility to provide a customized and tailored training at Manufacturer's facility to meet every requirement of the customer. A highly trained Trainor from the Manufacturer will provide theoretical and hands-on training. 

The manufacturing facility is equipped with all the required equipment to be used to provide and effective and efficient training. This also an extra advantage to the trainees enabling them to visit the manufacturing facility to have better understanding on the product and services provided. 


Our company can also provide you training via internet. This is undoubtedly the most cost-effective training method that allows you to stay safe and socially-distanced during the pandemic. 

It provides the trainee with the flexibility of participating from their desired locaton with their own resources. This reduces the overall learning time and leads to improve retention rates as a result of the convenience. We take our training sessions extremely seriously and go out of our way to ensure that each employee is provided with ongoing access key resources as well as timely feedback. These training sessions are flexible and are able to accommodate any number of employees 



Our company can provide a customized design solutions and consultancy services for a various project in both private and government sectors according to client's requirement.

  • Design for Polimaster PM6100 Multi-task Custom Inspection Radiation Mobile Lab

  • Design for Polimaster PM9100 Automatic Irradiation Calibration System Lab

  • Design for Polimaster PM5000B-01 Radiation Portal Monitor with 6.5 meter in height for Railway

  • Design for Mettler Toledo Garvens C21 StandardLine Checkweigher System for Carton Weight Accuracy of Edible Oil and Sugar Packing Lines

  • Design for Chemical and Biological Laboratory for Drinking Water

  • Design for Physical Properties, Chemical and Biological Laboratory for Crunchy Food

  • Design for Material Testing Lab for Inspection and Engineering Rehabilitation

  • Design for Welding School complete AWS library, consumables, personal protective equipment and all required welding Equipment

  • Radiation Safety Program

  • Radiation Protection Program - Design and Implementing Radiation Safety Program for Organization who owns radiation emitting equipment

  • Radiation Safety Assessment for X-Ray Machines and Cargo Scanning Accelerators

  • Design and Implementation for Systems comply with AIEA Standard for Combatting Illicit Trafficking for Radioactive Materials



Our company provide a complete service such as equipment installation, commissioning and operation on client's site. We also provide the after-sales service such as repair, preventive maintenance and calibration of the devices supplied either on-site, off-site and/or at manufacturer's facility. 

We make sure that we provide a high standard service and our priority is to meet our client's expectation.