Area Monitors

AT2327 Alarm Monitors

Radiation control of radiation-sensitive and radiation dangerous sites and facilities, as well as radiation control of environment. 

AT2327 Datasheet

AT2331 Emergency Alarm Dosimeter

Detection of self-sustaining chain reaction and generation of alarm signals to evacuate personnel from hazardous area.

AT2331 Datasheet

Area Monitor for Pulse Radiation

Control of pulse radiation during operation of linear electron accelerators or other pulse action installations.

AT2327+AT1123 Datasheet

AT2327 Alarm Dosimeter with Data Display

Control of radiation-sensitive and radiation-dangerous sites and territories with visual display of readings on a large screen.

AT2327 Data Display Datasheet

AT6105 Spectrometric System for Radiation Monitoring

Spectrometric and dosimetric radiation control area, facilities, wells and other sites.

AT6105 Spectromestric System Datasheet