Repeater Pipette Rainin Autorep E

Adjustable electronic and manual repeater pipettes

Adjustable Repeating Pipette for 1µl - 50ml

The AutoRep E (electronic) and AutoRep S (manual) are precise, accurate repeater that save time, with ergonomic features that reduce user fatigue. Flexible volume ranges and a wide selection of quick-change positive-displacement syringe tips ensure precise performance on any aliquot volume from 1 μl - 50ml. (AutoRep S manual version, aliquot range 2 μl - 5ml).

AutoRep E is a micro-processor controlled, for quality precise repeat pipetting with negligible user pipetting forces. "Dispensing", "Auto-Dispensing" and "Pipetting" modes and a "Learn" function make AutoRep ideal for many research activities. No guesswork or volume setting errors as the electronic AutoRep E model "reads" the volume of each Encode syringe tip. 

AutoRep S is a lighweight ergonomic manual version. Easy volume setting using the supplied volumen setting card. Comfortable and simple to use for up to 49 pipetting steps/doses without refilling.