Performance features
  • Automated sample storage in nitrogen gas phase 
  • Automated sample handling at temperatures below -130 °C (adjustable)
  • Automated single sample handling (pick-and-place robot)
  • Automated SBS rack handling 
  • Integrated gripper changing system 
  • Integrated scanners for individual samples and SBS racks at ambient temperatures of  -130 °C
  • Suitable to establish small (a few thousand samples) to a very large (million samples) biobanks / sample stores
  • Modular expandable / scalable
  • GMP and ISO 20387 compliant 
  • Sample format independent
Modular and automated cryogenic sample storage/biobank

The AKION C-line hermetic storage (HS200) is an efficient and automated storage system that is available in 3 sizes (HS200 S/M/L). To avoid cross-contamination, the samples are stored in the nitrogen gas phase at temperatures down to  -185  °C. Thanks to the directly connected hood, samples can be handled automatically at temperatures down to below    -130  °C. The sample is handle by a robot either in the form of individual samples and/or in SBS rack format. This structure enables an ice-free, contamination-free sample handling while maintaining a continuous cold chain. This unique setting, consisting of low-temperature storage, cryogenic sample handling and a continuous cold chain, ensures maximum sample quality for decades. 

The H200 is the state-of-the-art solution for establishing small (a few thousand samples) to very large (million samples) and semi-automated to fully automated biobanks/sample stores. Thereby individual HS200 can be installed and can be connected to each other at any time for automatic sample transfer while maintaining a continuous cooling chain. Due to the modular structure, the biobank can grow individually over time without influencing existing work processes or samples that have already been stored. 

The documentation of all relevant system parameters as well as the complete sample data management is done by our software solution ASKION C-line Control

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